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Pets and Head Lice

Can Your Pet Get Human Head Lice?

Dealing with head lice in your home can be devastating because it means having to not only treat the affected…

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combat lice and nits

Combating Nits and Head Lice

It’s a nice thing when your child has something in common with other children, but not so nice when that…

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Holiday Head Lice: 4 Tips To Fight The Pesky Critter

Holiday Head Lice: 4 Tips To Fight The Pesky Critter

It’s that time of year again: Holiday parties, snow-time fun and cozying up side-by-side in front of the fireplace. But…

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staying on top of head lice

Staying on Top of Head Lice

Humans naturally have small organisms that live on them. Some remain on them for life, while others make their way…

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super lice attack

Super Lice Attack

For quite some time when people were dealing with head lice they turned to over-the-counter lice treatment shampoos that contain…

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happy girl

Treatments that Work on Super Lice

Over the years lice have evolved and mutated into a stronger strain of bugs, which is now referred to as…

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essential oils

New Ways to Battle Lice

Most kids of school-going age will contract a head lice infestation once in their life. Head lice are very common…

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a child and parents

What Parents Need to Know about Head Lice

Head lice are an extremely common issue that affects 6-12 million children in the United States yearly. Head lice do…

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plane flying

Kicked off Delta Airlines for Head Lice, The Hardships Of Having Head Lice

A father of 3 along with his wife and 3 sons succumbed to being kicked off a Delta Airlines flight…

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teens taking a selfie

Selfies Causing Head Lice To Spread At Unprecedented Rates

  The school year has returned, resulting in more children being affected by head lice infections. If the arrival of…

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