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Be Proactive with Head Lice Treatment

Are you or your children suffering from head lice? A recent study conducted by the Toxicology and Chemistry department at the University of Massachusetts has uncovered that the most common strand of head lice found in the United States has developed a resistance to permethrin; the active ingredient found in the most common head lice treatments. According to the study, years of exposure to the same lice treatment has aided head lice in developing a resistance against this chemical compound, allowing them to withstand constant exposure to traditional head lice treatments. According to scientists from the department, years and years of being exposed to the same treatment has created what they call a “knockdown resistance” in the form of a genetic mutation.

Natural Lice Treatment

This has opened the field for natural lice treatments such as Clearlice to help patients naturally get rid of lice quickly and efficiently. Educators and health care providers have been placing a huge emphasis in switching the focus of lice treatment over to more natural options in order to attack this epidemic in a more efficient way. An effective, all-natural head lice treatment like Clearlice gives parents and health providers an excellent option when it comes to dealing with these nasty bugs that have now developed a resistance against some of the most popular treatment options.

Lice Prevention

Active head lice prevention also plays an important role in the recurring treatment of head lice as well, Since it only takes one louse to create a problem and one louse can lay over 150 eggs, it is important to pick an effective lice treatment option in order to avoid issues in the future. This is especially true when it comes to this new species of lice that has developed an immunity against permethrin.  Even though standard, over the counter lice treatments may appear to be effective in the treatment of head lice, the fact is that it takes 7 to 10 days for a nit to hatch, therefore their effectiveness cannot be measured until an extended period of time has passed.

Healthcare providers also agree that this has become a public health issue in the present due to the fact that parents usually neglect to remove nits on a daily basis after head lice treatment has been applied. Depending on the thickness and the color of the hair, this is a process that can take up to several hours. However, this process should not be neglected or ignored. The use of an effective natural treatment against head lice and daily care can quickly and permanently eliminate the threat of head lice for you and your family.

Resistant Lice

This new mutant strain of head lice is said to be currently affecting over 25 states in the US. It is expected to affect the other half of the states by early 2016, due to the fact that the most popular treatments for head lice are simply ineffective when it comes to treating this condition. This is the reason why a natural treatment like ClearLice can prove an effective tool in the treatment of head lice; the all-natural head lice treatment option that contains no poisons, pesticides or harsh chemicals and has proved over time to be more effective than traditional head lice treatments.

Another step that parents often neglect when it comes to treating head lice is the fact that all bed sheets, pillowcases, towels and clothing must be treated in order to avoid the lice from being passed on to other members of the household. Ultimately, this will prove to be a vital step of treatment since lice bugs can live for 48 hours off of the head and nits can live for up to 10 days off of the head. By treating the home as well as all personal items, you can make sure that the lice will not be passed on to other family members, friends or acquaintances. In order to avoid future cases of head lice, it might also be a good idea to limit the sharing of hair brushes, combs, hair extensions, hats and towels in the future. Especially in areas of the country where head lice are common.

School nurses and staff are now taking a more preventive approach when it comes to dealing with head lice cases in schools,  but it can still sometimes be very difficult to catch children who have become infected. If you or your children are suffering from scalp itching or redness, it might be a good idea to opt for an all-natural treatment against lice. Natural treatments such as ClearLice have proven to be an effective treatment against head lice and its symptoms even when it comes to dealing with the newest mutation of lice that has been affecting children all over the country.

ClearLice also has a line of natural lice prevention products. A repel shampoo and repel leave-in conditioner can be used daily to help prevent your child from getting an infestation. It is gentle, safe, and smells of peppermint.


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