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a child and parents

What Parents Need to Know about Head Lice

Head lice are an extremely common issue that affects 6-12 million children in the United States yearly. Head lice do…

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childhood behaviour problem linked to headlice chemical

Disturbing Results Link Head Lice Chemical to Childhood Behavior Problems

Battling a lice infestation with your child is difficult enough. However, new and disturbing results make this common childhood problem…

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Sophie's ClearLice Experience

Sophie and her ClearLice Experience

Here at ClearLice we love hearing the stories of how our products have helped other people to get rid of lice;…

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Win a Free Lice Prevention Kit

Win a FREE Family Size Lice Prevention Kit!

We want to know how ClearLice worked for you and your family! Enter for a chance to WIN a FREE…

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Kids Talking About Lice

What Kids Have To Say about Lice

As parents, we tend to have preconceived notions about the problems that affect our children and sometimes it can be…

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Win a Toys R Us Gift Card

Enter to Win a $100 Toys R’ Us Gift Card!!

In order to Enter to Win a $100 Toys R’ Us Gift Card all you have to do is: Like…

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Questions about Lice

Have a question about lice? ClearLice has all of the Answers

It happened! You just received a letter or notification from your child’s school stating that cases of head lice have…

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ClearLice is Faster than OTC Treatments

ClearLice is Faster than OTC Lice Treatments

When you send your child off to school, you always hope they are going to come home with stories about…

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ClearLice Money Back Guarantee

Our ClearLice Money Back Guarantee

Head lice are tiny annoyances for anyone who has to deal with them. For children, it means scratching one’s head…

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ClearLice V Other Lice Treatments

ClearLice vs. Other Lice Treatments

Every parent of a school-aged child knows what it means to have a note sent home from your child’s school…

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