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Head Lice Prevention

Holiday Head Lice: 4 Tips To Fight The Pesky Critter

Holiday Head Lice: 4 Tips To Fight The Pesky Critter

It’s that time of year again: Holiday parties, snow-time fun and cozying up side-by-side in front of the fireplace. But…

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woman looking up

The Best Hair Shampoo May Be Your Worst Nightmare

It is a misnomer that the “best shampoos for hair” produce healthy results. Unaware of the health risks, consumers enter…

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Learn how to prevent lice this school year!

The Best Way to Safeguard Kids Against Head Lice as They Head Back to School

We are officially in the back-to-school season and wondering where summer vacation went. Maybe your child has already had their…

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the most dangerous side effects of head lice

The Most Dangerous Side Effects of Head Lice

Have you ever experienced head lice in your life? Chances are you, or someone you know, has. This is a…

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How Often Should You Check for Lice?

Lice aren’t always immediately noticeable; in fact, you might consider them to be somewhat sneaky in how they seem to…

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Ways In Which Schools Can Tackle Lice Prevention

Schools are for learning, making friends, and – apparently – great places for lice to congregate and spread.  For young…

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Do it yourself: Best home remedies for head lice

Itchy scalps and crawly things – these are the things parents dread.  We’re talking about head lice, here, and they’re…

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Kids Talking About Lice

Surviving Super Lice: 5 Things Parents Should Know

In early 2016, parents of elementary school children were in for a shock when they heard about a new safety…

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How to Prevent Lice at Summer Camp

After a long school year, summer can be a welcome respite for a number of reasons. Kids like it because…

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Unexpected Ways to Get Lice

How to Prevent Lice Before They Arrive

Every parent dreads the Lice Memo. Kids, especially in elementary school, are prone to getting lice, but you can be…

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