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Head Lice Treatment

a child and parents

What Parents Need to Know about Head Lice

Head lice are an extremely common issue that affects 6-12 million children in the United States yearly. Head lice do…

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Upset Child

Superlice Completely Resisting Head Lice Treatment Shampoos

A new report warns that over-the-counter head lice treatment products have lost much of their effectiveness against the superlice, parasitic…

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woman looking up

The Best Hair Shampoo May Be Your Worst Nightmare

It is a misnomer that the “best shampoos for hair” produce healthy results. Unaware of the health risks, consumers enter…

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Learn how to prevent lice this school year!

The Best Way to Safeguard Kids Against Head Lice as They Head Back to School

We are officially in the back-to-school season and wondering where summer vacation went. Maybe your child has already had their…

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Can a Head Lice Treatment Cause Damage to Your Scalp and Hair?

Can a Head Lice Treatment Cause Damage to Your Scalp and Hair?

If you get head lice, you know you need to seek treatment right away. While head lice are not known…

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is lice spray as efficient as a head lice shampoo?

Is Lice Spray As Efficient on Your Hair as A Treatment Shampoo Is?

Have you or someone you know recently gotten head lice? If so, you want to quickly start treating the infested…

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combat lice and nits

Combating Nits and Head Lice

It’s a nice thing when your child has something in common with other children, but not so nice when that…

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Natural Lice Remedies for Kids

Natural and Home Remedies That Get Rid of Lice

Lice are creepy creatures that can make a person’s head itch. It is a situation that can make your skin…

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natural lice remedies

Natural Lice Remedies that Work

When school starts, one of the concerns parents have is that their child is going to catch lice from another…

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natural head lice remedies

7 Ways to Get Rid of Head Lice

Every year, millions of kids encounter head lice. It isn’t an indication that someone has bad hygiene, but it shows…

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