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How Tos

combat lice and nits

Combating Nits and Head Lice

It’s a nice thing when your child has something in common with other children, but not so nice when that…

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natural head lice remedies

7 Ways to Get Rid of Head Lice

Every year, millions of kids encounter head lice. It isn’t an indication that someone has bad hygiene, but it shows…

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Mother treating her daughter for lice

This is How you Get Rid of Lice, Fast!

Knowing how to get rid of lice fast can be a daunting task. If you go online to your favorite…

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How to check for a lice infestation

This Is How to Tell If You Have Lice

Finding out that you or your children have lice can be an extremely frustrating thing to learn; when you think…

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How To Tell Your Kids They Have Lice

The Talk: How To Explain To Your Children They Have Head Lice

What is the best way to tell my child her or she has lice? Obviously it would be difficult to give…

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Videos to Get Rid of Lice Fast

Helpful Videos for Getting Rid Of Lice Fast

Knowing how to identify a lice problem is the first step when it comes to getting rid of lice at…

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Kill Lice on Your Hairbrush

Don’t Forget To Kill Lice That Can Live On Your Hairbrush! Learn How to Do It

Getting rid of head lice in our scalp and hair is only the first step in complete lice removal; we…

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Different Types of lice you should prevent

Lice Come in 3 Forms. Learn to Discover, Treat, & Prevent Them

If you are an avid reader of our blog, at this point you should be an expert when it comes…

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Choosing the Right Babysitter

How to Choose the Right Babysitter

It would seem like parents never get a break from their daily activities; whether it is driving kids from and…

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Regulate Kids' Electronic Use

The pros and cons of regulating your kid’s use of electronics

Nowadays, kids everywhere have access to a large number of electronic devices that were designed with entertainment, education and productivity…

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