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Cost Effective Head Lice Treatment

A parent of a school-aged child always dreads the same thing: the note from the school informing you of a head lice outbreak. Young children are breeding grounds for these tiny insects. In fact, nearly one in 100 children is affected each year by these creatures. Because of this, many school districts have enacted what is known as no-nit policies. These policies often require that any child infested with head lice be removed from school until he or she has been completely cleared of both lice and lice eggs, or nits. This is designed to stop the spreading of head lice around the school.

Fortunately, there are dozens of lice treatment options available to you to ensure that you can get your child lice-free and back to school quickly. Over-the-counter treatments were once the popular choice, but now the trend has shifted to natural head lice treatments over the chemical-ridden ones present in over-the-counter lice treatments.

In any case, it is important to find the option that best suits you and your family’s needs and budgetary concerns.

Over-the-Counter Treatments

If you’re the typical parent, you may tend to want to treat head lice as quickly as possible without disrupting too much of your life or your child’s schooling. You think heading out to your local Walmart, Walgreens or CVS to pick up an over-the-counter lice treatment for around $20 is your best option. However, recent studies have shown that this may no longer be the case.

Head lice are naturally occurring insects that have affected humans for as long as humans have walked the earth. Their adaptability has allowed them to remain around for all of these years. But this adaptability has also given them the opportunity to evolve and become unaffected by traditional methods of lice treatment.

The chemicals in over-the-counter medications are harsh pesticides and neurotoxins that incapacitate lice and nits when they are in the hair. However, these harsh treatments can actually do more harm to your child than they do to the actual head lice. Recent studies have shown that these super lice are actually immune to the effects of these chemicals and pesticides. Wasting $20 on a treatment that is both potentially harmful and ineffective seems unproductive.

At-Home Remedies

Because of the recent discovery of the ineffectiveness of over-the-counter medications for treating head lice, many people have turned to at-home lice remedies. These remedies are definitely the cheapest option available because many of the items used to treat the head lice are things that can be readily found in your kitchen. However, just because they are the least expensive option, doesn’t mean they are the best at treating your head lice.

In fact, most at-home remedies are scientifically unsound. There is no reliable scientific evidence to support the notion that they actually work. There are plenty of testimonials online that will tell you about the miracle of mayonnaise or the victory with vinegar, but those testimonials have no basis in scientific fact. Additionally, if you read through the methods carefully enough, you find that they actually take a lot of time and effort to actually accomplish anything significant. At that point, you’re better off shelling out a little extra money to find a natural treatment option that works quickly and effectively.


ClearLice in Boca Raton, FL is a company that has devoted research and spending to developing a natural head lice treatment and prevention that is both safe and effective. ClearLice is a line of natural head lice treatment and prevention products that fits both your need and your budget. You can get the ClearLice shampoo and conditioner for under $25 each, which may be a little bit more expensive than the over-the-counter brands, but it is also much more effective.

The shampoo and conditioner are SLS and pesticide-free. Instead, they use a unique combination of naturally occurring enzymes to produce a potent lice treatment that is safe for you and your children but harmful to lice and nits. This peppermint-scented treatment is sure to remove head lice from your child quickly and effectively.

In addition, for just a little bit more protection, you can also purchase ClearLice household spray and laundry additive. These products will allow you to rid your home of any potential lice invasion, no matter how rare it may be. These products will keep you and your family protected from head lice, and they will only cost you a little bit more than the ClearLice products themselves. The laundry additive is under $20 and the household spray is just over $20, but it’s worth the cost to ensure your family’s dalliance with head lice is over.


Though it is the more expensive option, ClearLice is the best treatment option available to you for treating lice and nits. It is the true example of the old adage, ‘you get what you pay for’; and you pay for quick and safe results. Try ClearLice and you will not regret it. Try ClearLice and you will be lice-free in just one day.

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