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Gallon Size Lice Treatment Products to the Rescue

We understand how difficult it can be dealing with a head lice problem, especially when most of the products out there do not even work. However, we are happy to say that our ClearLice line of products is the most effective and least harmful product out there when it comes to dealing with head lice and nits.

These parasites are stubborn, extremely irritating and highly contagious, which is why dealing with them quickly and efficiently can truly make the difference between having a one-time problem and having a recurring head lice problem that simply won’t go away.  Since these bugs are extremely contagious, schools are placing a huge emphasis on dealing with head lice cases as quickly as possible in order to lower the amount of days that children miss due to head lice cases. Adults, however are not exempt from these nasty bugs, and taking the appropriate steps to mitigate a head lice problem is one of the best ways to make sure that they disappear for good. And while it was initially believed that head lice were caused by a hygiene problem, studies have debunked this theory and have proven that the contagious nature of head lice can affect pretty much anyone regardless of age, gender or race.

Head Lice in School

Schools are by far one of the areas that are at a highest risk of having head lice problems. After all, this is one of the only places where there is a multitude of children hanging out and playing with each other. And sometimes just one child is more than enough to create a huge problem. For this reason, schools do routine inspections and constantly keep an eye out for some of the most common symptoms associated with head lice such as extremely itchiness, red bumps on the head, the neck or the shoulders and sometimes even sores that can develop from constantly scratching the scalp. All over the country, thousands of children everyday are sent back home from school because of these symptoms, and despite the fact that this is a treatable condition, the humiliation that children can suffer from being sent back home can have devastating effects on the child’s morale.

But if you were a school administrator or teacher, can you really blame the staff for sending children home? After all, it is better to control the problem right away and stop the spread of these nasty bugs rather than miss school days, especially when an effective treatment is available at your fingertips.

Treating Several Kids for Head Lice without Breaking the Bank

But what happens when you have multiple children suffering from head lice? What is the best treatment when it comes to getting rid of head lice and nits? You’ll be surprised to know that more and more schools nowadays are taking a more direct approach when it comes to fighting these bugs and have opted for gallon sized lice products such as ClearLice’s Gallon Size Lice Treatment Shampoo and Gallon Size Lice Treatment Conditioner. These gallon-sized containers offer teachers and school administrators the opportunity to get rid of lice in one day and treat every single student, teacher and worker at a very affordable price. In fact, one gallon of this very effective natural head lice treatment is enough to treat up to 16 people and it has a wonderful peppermint scent that kids love.

Daycares, hospitals and schools are opting for these gallon-sized containers nowadays due to their extremely effectiveness and their all-natural ingredients. The fact that this shampoo doesn’t contain any poisons, pesticides or harsh chemicals means that there won’t be any of the nasty effects associated with some of the most common OTC treatments for head lice such as dry scalp, allergic reactions, irritation, or others, thus providing an excellent solution to deal with any head lice outbreaks where large groups of people can be found such as schools, hospitals or daycare centers.

As we can see, sometimes when treating large groups of people, it might be a good idea to consider a gallon sized lice treatment. This means that you’ll have a steady supply of the most effective natural lice treatment while providing an affordable solution to a common problem that affects millions and millions of children all over the country. Remember that dealing with a head lice outbreak in an efficient manner depends a lot on how quickly the problem is identified as well as using a reliable product that has a proven history of dealing with head lice and nits in a safe, efficient manner.  Head lice are extremely bothersome and highly contagious, so providing children and parents everywhere with a steady supply of this effective product can quickly make the difference and this will result in less missed days of school, more productivity at work and a better atmosphere at home.


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