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Head Lice: Back to School

With each fall season, another year of school begins. This also means that head lice become an increasing concern to families. Luckily, there is a line of kids head lice treatment products available that can help in the battle against these pesky critters.

Why do Kids Get Lice?

It is important to understand why kids are so much more likely to get lice to know how to prevent it in the future and to make sure that the kids head lice treatment works. Kids are much more likely to be in close contact with each other on the playground, in classrooms and the like. Lice are transferred by direct contact and can be spread by sharing brushes, hats, dress-up clothes and even by having coats hanging together on coat hooks. Once back to school time starts again, lice are much more likely to become a problem.

Kids Head Lice Treatment Products

The majority of head lice treatments involve shampoos and a comb to pick out the nits. These shampoos are loaded with toxic chemicals that often burn the scalp, sting the eyes and irritate respiratory systems. What’s worse is that these products sometimes do not work. While they may get rid of the lice currently living on the head, other lice that may be alive on clothes, linens, cars and such may continue to re-infest the sufferer over and over again. Also, the eggs that have not hatched into live lice may survive the treatment and go on cause further infestations.

ClearLice: Natural Lice Treatment

ClearLice makes a line of kids head lice treatment products that are natural, pesticide free and gentle – all attributes that make it a very useful product for children. Even more importantly, the product works. It not only rids the child of currently live lice, it also helps to get rid of lice that are living away from the head. ClearLice has a number of different products including a Head Lice Household Treatment Spray and a Head Lice Laundry Additive to help rid the entire household of the problem. These products can be used on sofas, fabrics, carpets, car interiors, linens and laundry of all kinds to help clean and sanitize the entire home. This can help prevent re-infestations for every member of the home.

Lice Treatments and Lice Repellent Products

ClearLice not only has kids head lice treatment shampoos and conditioners, they also have repellant products. Repellant shampoos and conditioners are safe and easy to use each and every day. All of their shampoos and conditioners are natural, pesticide-free, paraben-free and SLS-free. They have a light peppermint scent instead of a heavy chemical scent. Children love the minty fragrance while lice absolutely detest it. Using the treatment products when there is an infestation and repellant products during an outbreak in a child’s school, camp or daycare can help to prevent lice year round.

When it comes to kids head lice treatment programs, chemical laden products are not the only choice. In fact, they are often not even the best choice when it comes to total eradication. A little research will reveal the truth about lice and how to get rid of them the easiest and most painless way for kids.

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