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Head Lice Prevention

Mention the phrase “head lice” to anyone and you are bound to cause some head scratching. As dreaded as these parasites are, head lice prevention is actually quite simple. Engaging in some common sense preventative measures can help keep your scalp itch-free, which is much preferable to treating those nasty nits.

Avoid Close Contact to Prevent Lice

The easiest way to establish good head lice prevention habits is to avoid close contact with anyone who has head lice. When you do not know if someone has head lice or not, make it a general rule to keep strong personal boundaries for head lice prevention. This is especially necessary when you work at a crowded location or attend school. Help children in your home or work place avoid close contact along with you to help keep head lice as isolated as possible. The more it spreads, the easier it will be for you to contract the parasites.

Refrain From Sharing to Prevent Lice

Keeping away from people with lice as a form of head lice prevention does no good when you continue to swap hair brushes, jackets or barrettes with them. Avoid sharing anything that could come into contact with a person’s hair, as this is also a good way to share lice. Never borrow someone’s hair care tools when you forget your own. Either bring your own or go out with bed-head to avoid possible contamination. Other items that you might share that potentially carry lice include scarves, sports uniforms and costumes. When someone uses your things without permission, disinfect them with hot water immediately.

Bring Your Own Bedding to Avoid Lice

Pillows, blankets and sheets are all modes of transportation for head lice. Make it a rule in your head lice prevention repertoire to never share these items while at camp, on a sleepover or otherwise staying away from home if at all possible. Never let friends or people you do not know use your items either. Ask friends who spend the night to bring their own blankets and pillows and to avoid bringing any stuffed animals or other soft toys that could potentially carry lice when they visit. Be sure to wash bedding when your company leaves to help further your head lice prevention methods.

Clean Up Head Lice

In addition to washing clothing, bedding and other soft items, be sure to clean your house thoroughly in your head lice prevention routine. Do this both when company visits as well as regularly to prevent any infestations from occurring. Sweep and vacuum the floor. Vacuum the furniture to get rid of any lingering nits that could be hiding there. Seal items that cannot be cleaned in an airtight bag for two weeks to make it safe, or simply have the items dry-cleaned.

There is no need to resort to chemicals and expensive treatments before you find a single louse. For general head lice prevention, clean as usual unless you have reason to suspect that you have an infestation on your hands. When you find lice on yourself or a person in your home, treat it as quickly as possible to help keep the infestation under control.

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