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Is Your Home Free of Head Lice?

When a child gets sent home from school with a note saying that head lice is present within the school, a parent’s heart often sinks. The process for having to deal with treating head lice can be a long one if you’ve never had to deal with it before. Even if you’re an old professional at having to deal with head lice, the removal process can be a painful one.

With various treatment options on the market right now, parents are presented with a myriad of choices when it comes to treating a child’s head. However, most of them forget the necessity of treating one’s environment too. The possibility for the re-infestation of head lice grows when one’s environment is not treated for the removal of head lice.

Luckily, there are products out there devoted to the sole purpose of removing head lice from one’s environment. It is important that you research which one would work best for you and your situation because some products may contain chemicals that are harmful to pets that you may have.

Regardless, treating your environment is a necessary step in removing head lice and preventing re-infestation from occurring. But before you can think about removing head lice, you first have to know what it is you are battling in the first place.

What you need to know

Head lice are tiny, pale brown creatures that crawl from human head to human head in search of secretions from the scalp. They thrive on the heat and secretions that come from the human scalp, so once they make their way onto a head that is where they take refuge. Contrary to popular belief though, these insects do not have the capacity to jump or fly. Instead, the only way they can travel from head to head is by crawling. This means that the most popular way lice get onto someone’s head is through direct head-to-head contact with a person who is infested.

However, just because this is the most preferred way for lice to get around, doesn’t mean it’s the only way. It’s like if you live in a city inhabited mostly by pedestrians and still have a car. You could walk from place to place, but you could also drive. Lice can also take refuge in non-human items temporarily. Mostly, these items include things that resemble or contain human hair. Things with fabric like linens, clothes, furniture, towels, car seats, etc. are popular resting places for lice in between infestations. Also combs and hair brushes are popular as well.

Lice can live up to 48 hours off of a human head, which is enough time for re-infestations to occur inside your home. It is best to treat these areas with a lice treatment that specializes in environmental treatments before you’re dealing with multiple children with head lice.

ClearLice Products

Knowing the rate at which lice re-infestations occur, many companies have begun to offer environmental treatments in addition to their head lice treatments. ClearLice in Boca Raton, FL is one of those companies. ClearLice is a natural head lice treatment option that works quickly, safely and effectively. Its main products are of the shampoo and conditioner variety, but ClearLice also has some environmental products that are useful in treating your home.

The ClearLice Enzyme Laundry Additive, for example, is the best way to treat all your linens and clothing with the natural ClearLice formula. The product contains no harsh chemicals or pesticides, so you can trust it to rid your laundry of any head lice or nits. The peppermint-scented natural additive will also leave your laundry smelling fresh and clean, without the harsh chemical smell that many other products may provide. Simply add it in with your normal laundry cycle, and it will treat any potential lice infestations easily.

For things you can’t put into the washing machine, ClearLice Household Spray is the way to go. The household spray is useful for things like furniture, carpets, car seats and other potentially infested items. It uses the ClearLice formula to ensure a natural, chemical-free treatment that leaves your environment lice-free. And the ClearLice Household Spray is also pet-friendly so the only creatures that will be harmed by the treatment are the lice themselves.


Although parents with school-aged children may be accustomed to treating head lice, many of them forget to treat the surrounding environments along with their children. By not treating your home and/or car, you are opening your child and yourself up to future infestations because lice can live up to 36 hours off of a human head.

ClearLice environmental treatment products will help make your home safe from re-infestations from head lice. Try it today, and be lice-free tomorrow!

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