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Do Home Remedies Kill Head Lice?

When it comes to killing head lice, some people head straight to the pharmacy. Others are not too fond of applying chemicals or pesticides on their child’s scalp – and this is when head lice home remedies come into play. From coconut oil to margarine, people have tried everything to get rid of those creatures. But does anybody truly know: do head lice home remedies actually work?

What are Head Lice?

Whether people have themselves been the victim of head lice or known someone that was, they all know that head lice are pestering creatures that are quite difficult to eliminate. Those tiny wingless insects like to hide in the human scalp, where they feed on blood and lay their eggs. Most common among children since head-to-head contact happens more frequently in schools or daycare centers, head lice have three forms: the egg, the nymph, and the adult. The symptoms include itchiness, sores, and restless nights when those insects become more active. In order to eliminate head lice, some people like to turn to head lice home remedies. But the question still remains: do they work?

Head Lice Home Remedies: Yes or no?

When people apply margarine or apple cider vinegar on their child’s hair overnight, they believe that it will actually smother those insects. The truth is that those head lice home remedies are very messy, and have never been proven to work. What those people do not seem to know is that not all remedies that are used to kill head lice have pesticides or chemicals in them. Many natural remedies such as ClearLice exist.

ClearLice Head Lice Remedy

There is no reason why parents should waste time on home remedies when many chemical-free alternatives are available to them. With ClearLice, head lice are well taken care of. Containing no poison or pesticide, ClearLice is both a natural and cost-effective treatment that is both gentle to the scalp and enticing with its light peppermint aroma. This product is safe for children and adults alike to use.

Head Lice Facts

Now that we know that head lice home remedies rarely work, what else do we actually know about those tiny creatures? Head lice are more common among girls than boys – perhaps because girls are known to share personal items more than boys. The commonly believed “fact” that head lice always cause an itchy scalp is false – the best way to check if children suffer from head lice is to look at their scalp. Also, head lice do not fly. They merely walk from one head to another in order to lay their eggs.

There are only so many things that head lice home remedies can do, and completely eliminating head lice rarely figures among them. While it is understandable that some parents do not want to apply chemicals on their child’s scalp, that does mean they should completely revert to head lice home remedies because of that. Luckily, many natural alternatives to store-bought remedies exist. ClearLice, a quick and pesticide-free treatment, is an example of such.


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