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How Effective are Head Lice Treatment Products?

Head lice treatments are created to get rid of lice and nits as quickly as possible. Over-the-counter lice treatments are popular and have been used for years. You may remember your parents using the same brand name lice treatment on you as a child. While most parents choose the familiar brand, they often wonder if there is anything else better they can use. Another question you may be asking is “How effective are head lice treatment products?” The following details will help you learn more about lice treatments and your options.

What are lice?

Before you explore your lice treatment options, you should learn more about lice. Head lice are human parasites that live their entire lifecycle on the human head, scalp and hair strands. Lice have been around for centuries and have even been found on ancient Egyptian mummies. These pesky parasites don’t carry or transmit disease to humans.

They are generally a disgusting nuisance that have set up house on your child’s scalp. Lice feed off of human blood and bite into the scalp to extract the blood. While doing so, they exude a small amount of saliva, which is known for causing irritation and itchiness on those who develop a sensitivity to lice saliva.

Nits, also known as eggs, are attached to hair strands close to the scalp and root of the hair. The nits are set in place by female lice that use a self-created sticky substance to adhere the nits securely to the hair strands. Lice have the capability of multiplying quickly so it is essential that treatment begin as soon as possible.

Chemical Ingredients in Lice Treatments

The most popular and common over-the-counter lice treatments contain pesticides and harsh chemicals, most have insecticide with neurotoxic action. These treatments have been used for so many years that the lice have actually built up immunity to the chemicals. This means that chemical ingredients in lice treatments are not effective on 80% of lice infestations. In addition, most of these popular treatments don’t show results until 9 and 14 days later.

The lice strain that has built up immunity to chemical ingredients are referred to as mutant lice or super lice. They still look and behave the same as standard lice strains but they are not effected by the chemical lice treatments, no matter how many you try.

These mutant lice cause a wide range of popular and common over-the-counter lice treatments to have no reaction towards the lice. This means parents are spending plenty of money trying harsh chemical lice treatments on their child’s head with no results, other than your child being exposed to a large amount of chemicals.

The fact that the harsh chemical ingredients are being absorbed into children’s blood streams and can cause health issues is driving parents to seek alternative treatments. Natural lice treatments are the option many parents are flocking towards. There is one particular natural lice treatment that is the best option, it’s called ClearLice.

ClearLice is made with natural ingredients and is known to work in just one day! While it should be your first choice for getting rid of lice and nits, it is also safe to use after chemical treatments have failed. ClearLice is void of pesticides and harsh chemicals, it even has a fresh peppermint scent. This go-to lice treatment is becoming increasingly popular among parents and families who are effected by lice infestations. Whether it is your first experience with lice or your third, ClearLice is your answer!

In addition to offering a natural solution to get rid of lice, ClearLice also offers a chance for you to repel the lice and prevent future infestations. ClearLice repellent shampoo and conditioner works in perfect harmony with the lice treatment. Once you finish the original lice treatment, follow up with the repellent. You will also be relieved to know that ClearLice created all of their natural products including, household spray and enzyme laundry additive to work in combination with all their other products. The lice won’t just go away, but they will stay away!

The debate of chemical lice treatments and natural lice treatments will most-likely continue between parents, but as many will learn, most chemical treatments are no longer effective and the natural lice treatment options are gaining speed and popularity. They can actually get rid of lice. You can compare for yourself and make your own decision.

Chemical Lice Treatments vs. Natural Lice Treatments

Chemical lice treatments are not effective on super lice strains, which have already been found in 25 states in America. Using chemical lice treatments also exposes your child to those very same strong ingredients that are meant to kill and destroy lice. You are actually pouring the harsh chemicals onto your child’s head so they can be absorbed into the blood stream. The chemical treatments have a strong odor and are known for causing health problems in children.

Natural lice treatment, such as ClearLice, is created with all natural ingredients and a delightful light peppermint scent. It works in just one day, which is faster than the chemical lice treatments. Also, you are not exposing your child to dangerous chemicals and you have the opportunity to use the entire product line that protects your child, family members and your home from lice. The choice is yours, but many parents are flocking to ClearLice, let it be your first choice when fighting standard or mutant lice!

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