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Getting Rid Of Lice Eggs Fast Is Possible!

One of the inevitable consequences of dealing with a head lice infestation is dealing with the lice eggs or nits. It is still quite surprising to know that not many people are aware of the fact that female lice can lay several eggs per day during their lifetime, which can last 30 days. If you have ever received that dreaded call from school informing you that your child has lice and that he or she needs to be picked up right away you are probably aware of how frustrating it can be for both you and your child to deal with these critters. However, it is important to remember that getting rid of lice is only the first step and special attention should be paid to dealing with the lice eggs as they could initiate a perpetual cycle of lice reproduction that will never end unless they are swiftly dealt with.

What Exactly Are Lice Eggs?

The first thing that we should know about head lice and their reproduction method is that lice are oviparous insects that lay eggs. When an animal or a bug is oviparous, this means that there is little to no embryonic development inside the mother and most insects, mollusks and arachnids are oviparous as well, such as fish, amphibians and birds.

When it comes to head lice, female lice are able to lay between 3 and 5 eggs per day and a female louse can survive for up to a month, which means that during their lifetime they will lay anywhere between 90 and 150 eggs. The way in which they lay their eggs is by crawling to the base of a hair strand. Once the louse has found a strand with the right temperature, height and width, it begins to secrete a sticky substance from her reproductive organs that will quickly harden to form a sheath that will cover the shaft of the hair as well as most of the egg, except for the cap which is left uncovered to allow the embryo to breath.  One fact that most people don’t know about this sheath is that it is made out of a protein that is very similar to the keratin found in the human hair.

Generally speaking, a lice egg will measure about .75 mm in length and they can range in color; from transparent to a very light shade of brown depending on several factors like body temperature, weather, and the nutrients in the host’s blood. Once the egg has been laid, it typically takes about a week for them to hatch, though it is not uncommon for them to take as long as 10 days before hatching.

Another surprising fact about head lice eggs is the fact that the sheath they leave behind once the egg has hatched is that the residue left behind can stay attached to hair for up to six months before they disintegrate completely. Despite the fact that most people tend to use the terms “nit” and “egg” interchangeably when talking about head lice, but there is in fact a difference; nits are eggs without and embryo or an egg that didn’t hatch, while an egg simply refers to the structure that houses a live embryo.

How to Get Rid Of Lice Eggs Fast

While there are a large number of treatments available to get rid of head lice out there on the market, not all of them are equal. For example, head lice home remedies might be somewhat effective after a long time when it comes to getting rid of lice, but nits and eggs will remain untouched by home remedies. Medicated lice treatments might be somewhat effective when it comes to getting rid of the lice too, but the potentially harmful side effects and the fact that they must be used over and over are extremely discouraging.

This is why we believe our ClearLice natural lice treatment is the most powerful and effective tool that you can use to get rid of lice, eggs and nits. Our patented formula includes several ingredients that are specifically selected due to their proven effectiveness when it comes to getting rid not only of lice, but nits and eggs as well.

Getting rid of lice, eggs and nits can be a difficult task or an extremely easy task depending on what method you choose for head lice removal. If you’re looking for an efficient, safe to use treatment against head lice check out CLearLice treatment products  containing our exclusive formula based on natural ingredients that will help you and your family get rid of head lice and eggs today!

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