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Long-Term Lice Infestation Dangers

Head lice are pesky human parasites that generally affect primary school age children. Lice are spread through head-to-head contact and by sharing personal items such as brushes, combs, hair accessories, scarfs, hats and clothing. They are quick moving which makes them difficult to see, sometimes causing the infestation to go undetected for months.

Head Lice Life Cycle

Lice live their entire life cycle on a human host. While they are capable of changing hosts, they cannot survive more than 48 hours without one. The head lice begin as eggs, or nits and can be confused for dandruff. The female adult lice sticks the eggs to hair strands located close to the scalp using a self-produced sticky substance. As the eggs hatch they begin the nymph stage and are about the size of a pinhead and resemble an adult louse. Seven days after hatching the nymph stage ends and the lice becomes a full size adult. Adult lice are similar in appearance and size to a sesame seed. They have six legs and feed on human blood several times per day.

Rapid Head Lice Infestation

Since the life cycle is rapid, it allows lice to multiply quickly and create quite a large head lice infestation, especially if it goes unnoticed. Most lice infestations don’t cause symptoms. On occasion, the host develops sensitivity to lice saliva and exhibit excessive scratching. Lice don’t carry or transmit disease, but a long-term lice infestation can cause a variety of issues.

Long Term Head Lice Effects

As mentioned before lice feed on human blood. They bite into the skin on the scalp and extract blood. These tiny little bites can become irritated and cause the host to scratch. Excessive scratching leads to broken skin that can bleed and become infected.

Long- term lice infestations can become dangerous to the host since the lice are removing blood from the human body. Remember lice multiply quickly and can grow at an alarming rate. If you have more than 100 lice drinking blood for a long period of time it can cause anemia and loss of energy.

Lice Preventative Measures

One of the most important things you can do to prevent lice infestations is to check the hair and scalp on a regular basis. Children usually get lice from school, so checking your child’s hair is essential to catching the first sign of lice. To conduct a lice search, wet your child’s hair and have him or her sit under a bright light. Use a comb to separate the hair into sections, then search through each section looking all the way to the scalp. If you notice signs of dandruff, it could be nits, also check for quick moving adult lice.

Head Lice Diagnosis

Often parents find out their children have lice by receiving a letter from the school. This letter generally explains details about the measures that need to be taken for your child to return to school. Most school districts in the United States have a “no nit policy.” This means your child is not allowed to return to school unless all of the nits and lice are removed. Upon return to school, the nurse will check your child’s head to assure they are nit free.

Head Lice Treatment

You may have experienced a head lice infestation when you were a child. The same lice treatments are still available on the market today, however, they include additional harsh chemicals compared to 20 years ago. These harsh chemicals enter the blood stream once it gets in contact with the scalp. Unfortunately, these chemically filled over-the-counter treatments only work on the standard lice strain. Today, there is a mutant lice strain that has been found in 25 states in America that are immune to the chemicals in common lice treatments. The lice have actually built up immunity to the harsh chemicals. This means you can be wasting money, time and exposing your child to chemicals for no reason.

Natural Lice Treatment

Parents are becoming aware of the mutant lice and harsh chemicals. They are now searching for alternative head lice treatments. ClearLice is the first choice for many parents looking for a natural product to get rid of lice and nits. ClearLice is made of natural ingredients and is void of pesticides and harsh chemicals. The delightful light peppermint scent will make the treatment process enjoyable for both parent and child. When you follow the instructions properly, ClearLice will get rid of lice and nits in one day! It’s even safe to use after other lice treatments have failed.

ClearLice thinks of the entire family when it comes to lice. Often one child will bring home the lice infestation and it will quickly spread to the rest of the family. Whether you are treating one child or everyone in the household, ClearLice has you covered. You can purchase products in single size, family size or jumbo size. Products include lice treatment shampoo and conditioner, enzyme laundry additive, household spray, lice repel shampoo and conditioner and stainless steel nit combs. Make ClearLice your first choice today and get rid of lice tomorrow!

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