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Mutant Lice Head Lice Treatment

The school year is beginning and it puts your child at a higher risk of contracting head lice. These pests do not carry or spread disease, but are a nuisance to deal with at times. Head lice has been around for centuries and are dealt with every year. Alarmingly, the Food and Drug Administration has cautioned against using lice treatments that contain the chemicals organochlorine insecticide and lindane, which can be toxic to brain cells.

Parents across the United States have become familiar with the dangers of toxic chemicals in a variety of treatments. The acknowledgement that their child’s health is being put at risk to get rid of lice and nits worries parents. Some parents are so concerned that they are seeking other ways to get rid of lice. In addition to chemical lice treatments causing potential harm, a new strain of head lice has developed as a result of overuse of chemical lice treatments; this strain is called mutant lice. Mutant lice have become resistant to common over-the-counter lice treatments that contain chemicals and pesticides. The good news is, there are natural lice treatments available to everyone that lice cannot grow immune to.

Natural Head Lice Treatments

ClearLice is known as the best and most popular natural lice treatment. Not only is it guaranteed to get rid of lice and nits, but It is void of poisons, pesticides and harsh chemicals. It works when all other products have failed. It even has a light fresh peppermint scent that kids and parents enjoy. You can choose to purchase the items separately or in a kit. Products include ClearLice treatment shampoo, treatment conditioner, enzyme laundry additive, household spray, stainless steel nit comb and shower cap. Your entire family can use the safe, natural products and get rid of lice easily.

Mutant Lice Resistant to Lice Treatments

For years, the same chemical lice treatments have been used. You may even remember the products from your own childhood. While they use to work in the past, it turns out that the lice of today, mutant lice, have actually built up immunity to the harsh chemicals. Ultimately resulting in exposing your child to toxic chemicals that can be absorbed into their blood stream and never truly getting rid of the lice. The lice treatment industry that creates treatments containing chemicals may feel forced to produce new products. This could be dangerous due to the fact that they will have to use ingredients that are even stronger than the already harsh chemical head lice treatments on the market today.

Chemicals vs. Natural Lice Treatments

Many parents may debate whether they prefer to use natural lice treatments or lice treatments that contain chemicals to get rid of their child’s lice. First, let’s focus on the lice itself. These tiny creatures that resemble sesame seeds, feed and live on the scalps and hair of humans, especially young school-age children. They do not spread disease or affect your child’s health in any way.

Adult female lice attach their eggs to the base of hair strands with a sticky substance, which hatch within about 10 days. The lice live their entire lifetime on the source, most-likely your child, and often spread to others due to head-to-head contact. The lice may be present for weeks without you even realizing it.

To get rid of lice, some parents may choose the harsh chemical route in desperation to get the lice off of their child. Exposing your child to harsh chemicals that are placed directly on the scalp and are absorbed into the head and blood stream can cause health issues.

Natural lice treatment is becoming the treatment of choice for many parents, simply to avoid risking their child’s exposure to toxic chemicals and the possibility of not being able to get rid of mutant lice. Soon after using the natural lice treatment, parents find that it works better, was easier to handle and even has a delightful scent.

Either option requires parents to comb through their child’s hair from the scalp to the ends to remove the lice and nits. The same amount of work goes into treating lice, the difference is your child is either exposed to natural, safe ingredients or harsh chemicals. It’s always the choice of the parents to decide on how to treat lice for their child. The debate may rage on for years to come, but the natural lice treatment is gaining momentum and is here to stay.

Doubts about Head Lice Treatments

If you are in doubt to learn what the best lice treatment is for your child you should consult with your primary physician. Often, you will find that some doctors who use to prescribe the chemical based lice treatment now recommend healthier alternatives such as natural lice treatment.

Preventing Head Lice

Lice easily spread from person-to-person, but there are measures you can take to prevent a lice infestation. Speak to your child about lice and inform them of the steps they need to take to avoid getting lice. Avoiding head-to-head contact with friends and school mates is essential to preventing lice. Your child will also want to avoid sharing hair brushes, combs, scarfs, hats, hair ribbons and clothing with others.

As a parent you can take preventative measures as well. ClearLice also makes prevention products, a repel shampoo and repel spray leave-in conditioner made of natural ingredients that can be used daily to help prevent lice. If you find lice on your child’s scalp and hair, take action immediately and choose a natural lice treatment to get rid of lice and nits.


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