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New Ways to Battle Lice

Most kids of school-going age will contract a head lice infestation once in their life. Head lice are very common and very contagious. Lice will infest anyone with a head and hair, regardless of socioeconomic status, hygiene, gender, or age.

Head lice do not spread disease and they are not dangerous, these bugs are just plain annoying. These pesky critters can induce stress among a household and be quite costly to eliminate, if ineffective lice treatment products are used.

Treating Head Lice

Head lice have been around for centuries and unfortunately, are not going away anytime soon. Head lice were even found on mummies from ancient Egypt.

In fact, head lice have actually evolved and become stronger over the years due to overuse of chemicals that are found in common lice treatments. Most chemical and pesticide lice treatments will no longer get rid of a lice infestation due to these new resistant lice.

However, there are home remedies that can be found on the internet that people have attempted. Listerine, cetaphil, mayonnaise, and tea tree oil are just a few interesting treatments many have used to get rid of lice. People have reported success with these home remedies, but being vigilant by doing 3 or more treatments and nit picking is required.

Natural lice treatment products specifically designed to get rid of lice and nits will be your best bet. When shopping for a lice treatment, make sure it is effective at removing not only live bugs, but also eggs and more importantly that the formula is safe.

Once someone in the household has become affected with head lice, everyone in the household and the actual house itself should be treated. Head lice are highly contagious and can quickly move from one family member to the other. Treating bedding, fabric couches, carpets, car interior and plush toys is also necessary to fully eliminate a lice infestation and ensure there is no re-infestation a week or two later.

Can you Prevent Head Lice?

There is no way to 100% make sure you do not contact a head lice infestation; however, there are head lice prevention products on the market that are safe to use daily that will significantly reduce your chances of getting head lice.

Lice prevention products should be used before leaving the house in the morning, before school, camp, or daycare, and before playdates or sleepovers.

Also, teaching your children to not share personal items, like pillows, blankets, clothing, and hair accessories will also decrease that chances of your child getting lice and spreading to other family members and friends.

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