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Selfie Craze is Spreading Super Lice

Everyone from toddlers to senior citizens love to take selfies. It’s part of life these days and if you’re a social media fan, you too have most-likely taken a few hundred selfie pictures. While this craze is fun and seems to be lingering longer than expected, it is encouraging the spread of lice, especially among primary school age children and teenagers.

How Did Lice Happen?                            

Over the past five years, doctors have noticed an increase of head lice cases in teenagers. This is unusual because the parasites were usually only affecting primary school age children. It turns out social media and technological advances such as tablets have teenagers sitting head-to-head watching videos and taking selfie pictures. Since lice are generally transmitted through head-to-head contact it has helped create the phenomena referred to as “social media lice”.

What Are Lice Where Do They Come From?

Lice are parasites that resemble the color and size of a sesame seed. They are quick moving pests that are only capable of crawling and are not able to jump or fly. They do not carry or transmit disease and require a human host to survive. Lice feed on human blood and live their entire life cycle on the scalp of a human. The females lay eggs and attach them to hair strands with a sticky substance that is quite difficult to remove from the hair.

Head lice are human parasites that have most-likely been around from the beginning of human existence. Nits and lice have been found dried up on the scalps and hair of Egyptian mummies. This gives a clearer picture of just how long lice has been around.

Head lice have evolved over the years due to the overuse of chemical and pesticide ridden lice treatment. A new super lice has formed. Super lice are resistant to most over the counter head lice treatments because they contain chemicals and pesticides. This wil no longer kil them.

How Are Super Lice Spread?

As mentioned earlier, lice are generally spread via head-to-head contact. Since lice have the capability of living for 48 hours off of the human host, this means it can be spread by sharing items such as brushes, scarfs, combs, hats, towels, hair ribbons, car headrest, pillows and clothing.

How to Prevent Lice

The first step is teaching your teenager about lice and how they can spread will help prevent an infestation. Avoidance of contact and sharing items with their peers is highly recommended. You can also take a preventative approach by checking their hair and scalp on a weekly basis while their hair is wet after shampooing. Since teenagers are concerned about their appearance and a lice infestation may affect their social calendar, chances are they will welcome you searching their scalp for lice.

Taking selfies with their peers will be the most difficult task your teenager will have to avoid. Not standing too close to the other person and avoiding leaning their heads against each other will help, but the close proximity will still pose risk to a lice infestation. Teenagers are creative and surely they can find a way to pose for pictures without actually touching the person beside them. But if your teenager doesn’t know about lice, they can easily have an infestation without knowing.

ClearLice: How to Get Rid of Lice

There are a variety of head lice treatments available to get rid of lice and nits. Often parents will run to the local pharmacy and buy the first chemical lice treatment they can find. Even though it was the same brand you may have used when you were a child, it doesn’t mean it will work today. The reason is that today’s head lice have built up immunity to the harsh chemical ingredients found in common head lice treatments. For this reason, many parents are opting for natural lice treatments. The most popular and effective natural head lice treatment is ClearLice. This natural lice treatment is void of pesticides, poisons and harsh chemicals. It is known for working when others fail and is capable of eliminating lice and nits in one day! It has a light peppermint scent that is refreshing, which makes teenagers more open to use it. ClearLice provides the opportunity to purchase their products individually or in a kit. Products include lice treatment shampoo, conditioner, enzyme laundry additive, household spray, lice repellent shampoo and conditioner, nit comb and shower cap.

ClearLice, natural lice treatment product, is the go-to lice treatment option for many parents and teens. It also makes parents happy because they are not exposing their teens to harsh chemicals that can affect their child’s health and seep into their blood stream. You can order ClearLice and have it delivered to your door the next day! This convenient, natural and easy to use lice treatment is revolutionary and will continue to gain its popularity.

Warn your teens about lice, how they spread and how to prevent an infestation. Act quickly as soon as you get word that your teen has a lice infestation. Choose natural lice treatments such as ClearLice which is known for working when others fail. Follow up lice treatment with repellent shampoo and conditioner to prevent re-infestation and future infestations.

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