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Selfies Causing Head Lice To Spread At Unprecedented Rates


The school year has returned, resulting in more children being affected by head lice infections. If the arrival of superlice resisting over-the-counter head lice treatment shampoos coupled with the dire reality of nearly all 600 types of arthropods invading US homes was not enough cause for concern of contracting head lice, there is another hidden head lice threat, selfies.

Scientists recently tested more than 200 kids and found those owning smart phones or tablets were more than twice as likely to have head lice as those without devices.

As selfies increase, higher rates of head lice contaminations are abound. Selfies provide a prime opportunity for head lice to spread as people share personal space, allowing the head lice to crawl from one head to another.

In recent years, head lice incidents rates have drastically increased in older children. This suggests that an increase usage of the smart devices strongly correlates with an increased rate of head lice incidents.

Ultimately, high quality, non-toxic, head lice treatment and prevention shampoos provide children the optimal solution for preventing and eliminating head lice over alternative methods.

High quality head lice treatment and prevention shampoos are environmentally friendly and provide a safe and effective solution for preventing and eliminating head lice with their potent formulas of enzyme proteins and plant-based oils that keep head lice at bay.

The alternative to high quality, non-toxic head lice treatment and prevention shampoos, the over-the-counter head lice treatment shampoos, are toxic and ineffective at eliminating lice. Furthermore, even the prescription head lice treatment shampoos recommended by doctors can be very expensive and can also be highly toxic to the human scalp, rendering them unsafe to apply.



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