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Step by Step Instructions for Getting Rid of Lice

You know your child has lice already, and now you are looking for instructions on how to get rid of lice and nits. This is something almost every parent of primary school age children go through at one point. Head lice are a nuisance that have been around for centuries, even dating back to ancient Egypt. Since parents have become familiar with the ineffectiveness of chemical ingredients they have chosen natural lice treatments instead. ClearLice is the known as the best and most effective natural lice treatment that parents prefer. They have a variety of products that are easy to use.

ClearLice Treatment Instructions

Step 1 – Wash Hair with ClearLice Treatment Shampoo

Wet hair using warm water. Apply 2 ounces of shampoo for short or thin hair and 3 to 4 ounces for thick or long hair. Lather in the shampoo making sure everything from the scalp to the tips of the hair have shampoo. Do not rinse shampoo out, instead, cover it with a shower cap for up to 40 minutes. Then remove the cap and rinse the shampoo out of the hair using warm water. Immediately repeat the process, but this time just wait 20 minutes. After the 20 minutes, remove the cap and rinse the shampoo out using warm water. Some parents kick into superhero mode and try to use more shampoo than needed, while this is fun, you don’t need to go overboard.

Step 2 – Apply ClearLice Conditioner

After shampooing, apply the conditioner to all over the scalp and hair, reaching down the neck area. Leave the conditioner in hair for up to five minutes and then go to step three.

Step 3 – Comb Hair Thoroughly

Keep the conditioner in the hair and begin by separating the hair into sections. Then use the ClearLice stainless steel comb to carefully go through each section. This process will remove dead nits and lice. Always make sure you comb all the way through to the ends of the hair, otherwise they will get stuck somewhere in the long hair strands. Slowly continue combing through each section until all of the lice and nits are gone. Remember to wipe and rinse the comb for each section of the hair. You can also re-apply the conditioner as needed during the combing process. Once you are finished check the sections of hair again to make sure all of the lice and nits are gone. If you still see live lice, repeat step one but only for 15 minutes and then apply the conditioner and comb through again until the hair is completely rid of lice and nits.

Step 4 – ClearLice Laundry Additive

After you have finished step one through three, it’s time to tackle your child’s laundry. This includes blankets, towels, clothing and bedding. Wash the items in warm water using the laundry additive and follow up with placing it in the dryer for 45 minutes.

Step 5 – ClearLice Household Spray

Use the ClearLice Household Spray for surfaces that can’t fit into the washer and dryer, including furniture, pillows, car interiors and more. But don’t go wild and chase after your cat or dog spraying them down. Pets are safe, they can’t get lice. After using the spray, vacuum the items or areas and remove the vacuum bag and throw it away immediately. The household spray will help prevent future lice infestations.

Step 6 – ClearLice Head Lice Repellent

Fight against future lice infestations by using ClearLice head lice repellent shampoo and conditioner. While the refreshing aromatic scent is enjoyable for children and parents, it repels insects, including head lice. It actually helps prevent lice from latching on to scalps and linens.

The refreshing scent and the joy of using ClearLice can get to your head and you can soon find yourself spraying everything in sight. Don’t let your power over lice go to your head. Just use the products as directed and you will find your child, your home and your car free from lice and nits in just one day! Once you achieve this goal, you can brag to all of your friends and fellow parents that you stopped those pesky critters in one day. Don’t be shy or keep ClearLice a secret from others, the more children who use it lower the risk for lice infestations for everyone around.

ClearLice is always thinking of the entire family. Often you may find that one of your children has lice, then your entire family does too. ClearLice thought of everything. You can choose to purchase ClearLice products individually, by the gallon or in convenient family, jumbo and single size kits. Remember ClearLice products are created with all-natural ingredients and are void of pesticides and harsh chemicals. Choose ClearLice to get rid of lice and nits from your home and family today!

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