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Super Lice are Resistant to Head Lice Treatment

Hearing that your child has lice is a parent’s nightmare! However hearing that it is the super lice strain, which has been found in 25 states within America so far, is even more stressful. Super lice are not larger or have a different appearance from the standard lice strain. All of the differences are on the inside. The only way to confirm that they are super lice is through testing.

What is the difference between lice and super lice?

Head lice in general, whether it is the standard lice strain or the super lice strain, are human parasites. These human parasites are quick moving insects that look like sesame seeds and live their entire life cycle on the human scalp and hair. Human blood is the main food source for lice. Female lice lay eggs, also referred to as nits, and stick them to the hair strands located closely to the roots and scalp. The female lice use a sticky substance they create to adhere the eggs to the strands.

The super lice strain are exactly the same in appearance and have the same life cycle events as the standard head lice strain. The difference is, over the years super lice have built up immunity against the common and popular head lice treatments that are made with chemicals. The super lice have actually become immune to the harsh chemicals and continue to be unaffected by the head lice treatment.

Who gets head lice?

Children between the ages of 3 to 11 are prone to getting lice, especially during the school year. According to the Center for Disease Control, there are an estimated 6 to 12 million lice infestations reported each year. This alarming amount of head lice cases are most-likely due to the increased amount of head-to-head contact while taking selfie pictures.

Preventing Head Lice

There are a wide range of things you can do to prevent a head lice infestation. You can begin by checking your child’s hair while it is wet, for lice and nits about 2 to 3 times per week. You will also need to advise your children to avoid head-to-head contact with their classmates and friends. Your children will also want to avoid sharing their phone, brush, comb, hair accessories, scarf and hat with their friends.

ClearLice also makes natural head lice prevention products, a lice repel shampoo and lice repel spray leave-in conditioner that can be used daily to help prevent lice infestations.

Head Lice Diagnosis

Parents of children with lice are often notified via email, letter or phone by their child’s school. In most school districts within the United States, children are allowed to finish out their school day, but they are not able to return until they are completely free of lice and nits. This powerful “no nit policy” helps schools keep the lice infestation under control and minimizes the risks of re-infestation in students.

Some parents who are not familiar with lice often visit the doctor to confirm the head lice diagnosis. During the appointment the doctor will discuss treatment and often recommend solutions to getting rid of lice and nits. Most parents will rush to the local pharmacy and purchase the strongest head lice treatment they can find.

Get Rid of Lice: Effective Head Lice Treatment

Treating head lice is easy, but time consuming. As a parent with a child that has a lice infestation, you will become very familiar with a nit comb. This specialized comb is used to brush the lice and nits out of your child’s hair. All head lice treatments require this technique in order to get rid of all the lice and nits.

Since super lice are immune to the popular over-the-counter lice treatments, parents are seeking alternative methods to get rid of lice. In addition to the popular brands not working on super lice, they are also filled with pesticides and other strong chemicals that enter your child’s blood stream. Exposure to these harsh chemicals can cause illness in some children.

Natural Lice Treatment

Parents are flocking towards the natural and effective lice treatment called ClearLice. If you haven’t heard of it, you will be happy that you are now. ClearLice is void of pesticides and harsh chemicals and has the capability to get rid of lice and nits in one day! This pleasant smelling peppermint natural lice treatment has natural ingredients and is safe to use as your first choice or when all other treatments fail.

ClearLice has effective natural lice treatment products such as lice treatment shampoo and conditioner, enzyme laundry additive, household spray, lice repel shampoo and conditioner and stainless steel nit combs.

ClearLice makes things easy for you by giving you the choice of purchasing products individually, by the gallon or in kits such as family size, jumbo size and single size. To make it easier for you, they save you the mad dash to the local pharmacy by shipping your products to you next day!

These easy to use products are natural, effective and convenient. They even offer repellent products to help avoid future lice infestations! Make ClearLice your first choice and avoid all of the anxiety the others cause you.

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