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The Best Hair Shampoo May Be Your Worst Nightmare

It is a misnomer that the “best shampoos for hair” produce healthy results. Unaware of the health risks, consumers enter the danger zone when they utilize shampoo daily to wash their hair. Many of these people are profoundly unaware that these “hair care products” do anything, but care for the hair.


Hair shampoos are abundantly tainted with a concoction of hazardous ingredients that harm consumer health and the environment. Some of these deadly ingredients prominent in shampoos encompass propylene glycol, sodium lauryl sulphate, sodium lauryl sulphate, DEA/TEA, and PEG. These hazardous chemicals in shampoo are carcinogenic, toxic, and are irritants to both the skin and eyes.


Additionally, these ingredients found in hair shampoos cause allergies and should unequivocally be avoided at all costs. The so called “best shampoos for hair” should have never made their way onto store shelves in the first place for the threat they pose to consumer health by being saturated with deadly carcinogens, acute neurotoxins, and hazardous endocrine disruptors.

The so called “best lice shampoos” that are guaranteed to eliminate head lice are anything but innocent or a safe treatment for eradicating head lice. These eminently sinister hair care products introduce a whole new spectrum of neurotoxins to the skin and scalp that include lethal ingredients such as lindane, malathion, and permethrin.

Human exposure to lindane can cause vomiting, seizures, brain damage, spontaneous abortion, learning problems, epilepsy and death. Human exposure to malathion can cause nausea, dizziness, confusion, respiratory paralysis, and death. Human exposure to pyrethrin can cause pneumonia, muscle paralysis, respiratory failure, vomiting, and asthma

These lethal shampoo toxins are just some of the myriad of unsafe ingredients used in popular lice treatments like Nix, Ovide, RID and Kwell.


ClearLice bucks the head lice shampoo treatment norms by offering safe, non-toxic head lice shampoo free of poisons, pesticides, and harsh chemicals.

The ClearLice head lice shampoo contains environmental-friendly, vegan indigents, such as essential oils and botanicals which are plant-based ingredients. The ClearLice head lice shampoo products are infused with a vast amount of potent head lice prevention ingredients, such as tea tree oil, lavender oil, rosemary oils, and thyme oil. ClearLice head lice shampoo products are peppermint scented and are safe for children of all ages. ClearLice products offer an easy and effective solution for both preventing and treating head lice. ClearLice products can be purchased via

Author: Harrison Sachs.

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