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The Best Head Lice Treatment

You may have just received an email from your child’s school or from a fellow parent notifying you that head lice is going around. This can sound scary to anyone who is not familiar with these pesky pests. First you should know that head lice does not cause any harm to your health. They are just a nuisance and the sooner you get rid of lice the better.

Head Lice Diagnosis

If you suspect that your child or someone in your household has lice you can choose to get it diagnosed two ways. The first way is to visit your primary physician to have them conduct a search of the scalp and hair. The doctor will confirm if lice is present and advice you on steps that will help you get rid of lice and nits.

Your second options is to diagnose head lice at home by doing the following:

  • Prepare yourself with a bright flashlight or light and a fine-toothed comb or a lice comb
  • Wet the hair of the person who may have lice
  • Sit the affected person down under a bright light
  • Separate the hair into sections by slowly combing outward through each section of the hair
  • Look for eggs and adult lice
  • Search places such as around the nape of the neck and behind the ears to see eggs and lice

What Do Head Lice Look Like?

  • Eggs or Nits – The eggs are the most easy to find since they stay attached to the hair. They are brown, tan or yellow in color and resemble tiny seeds that look like they are cemented to the hair located close to the scalp.
  • Adult Lice – The adult lice are more difficult to locate since they have the ability to move quickly. Adult lice look like sesame seeds and are light-brown in color. You can find them on the hair or scalp.

Remember the scalp and hair naturally have debris such as lint, sand, dirt and dandruff. These types of things generally comb out of hair easily. However, nits are particularly difficult to remove since they are cemented on to the hair with a substance that the female adult lice creates.

Head Lice Treatment

Most parents are comfortable treating lice at home since there is no danger of them causing illness. There are a variety of head lice products you can purchase online or at your local pharmacy or grocery store that helps get rid of lice and nits. Using natural lice treatment such as ClearLice is recommended. It is void of pesticides, poisons, harsh chemicals and works when other have failed. It also has a delightful peppermint scent. Once you choose the head lice treatment of your choice, you will want to follow the next steps.

  • Carefully read the directions and adhere to them exactly
  • Use the products as directed
  • Only use one lice treatment system at a time
  • Avoid mixing a variety of treatments together
  • Use the lice comb to extract the lice and nits from the scalp and hair
  • Always use the proper amount of the product
  • Inspect the hair and scalp 8 to 12 hours after the first treatment

If you find that after the first treatment the lice infestation has not lessened or it appears to have increased, the method to get rid of lice you are using may not be working properly. This is the perfect time to get the ClearLice natural lice treatment kit since it is known for working when other lice treatment systems has failed.

Check Everyone for Head Lice

You will need to inspect everyone in your household for lice. Since family members often live in close quarters and share furniture, blankets and pillows, chances are the lice may spread to others in the home. Begin head lice treatment on anyone who has lice in your household. Even if it is just in the beginning stages and there are just a few in sight. These pests multiply quickly and spend their entire lives living, reproducing and dying on your scalp and hair.

When at-Home Lice Treatment Fails

Generally at-home lice treatment is successful. However, there may be those cases that are severe and may need professional help. You can choose a few head lice options if it reaches this point. You can hire a head lice professional to treat and remove the lice from the affected person. Since lice is so common there’s a chance that a head lice professional is in your community or in the surrounding areas. They usually charge a fee for their services.

Your other option is to visit the dermatologist. The dermatologist will recommend a product you can use to treat the lice successfully. Usually the most common treatment dermatologists recommend are Malathion lotion, Benzyl alcohol lotion and Lindane shampoo.

Although you will be very busy treating head lice on the affected person by using a treatment and lice comb to remove the lice, you will also need to treat your house. You will need to clean all the bedding, pillow cases, blankets, clothing, hats, scarves, brushes, combs and hair accessories with hot water and an enzyme laundry additive to avoid another infestation. Remember to take action quickly at the first sign of head lice and consider using natural products to protect your family from harsh chemicals. Outcome is generally positive with possibility of re-infestation due to close contact with others that have lice.

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