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Top 3 Ways to Prevent Lice

Just the thought of head lice can create a panicked parent and cause disorder in the daily life of a child. It is scary to think parasites can make a home on your head. The best lice cure is prevention. Find out the top 3 ways to prevent lice from entering your home by means of your child.

Do Your Lice Research

Knowing your enemy before it has the chance to strike is a key defense. Research photographs of lice and nits, lice eggs, so that you know what you should keep an eye out for. The quicker you can detect them, the quicker you can provide a solution. Make sure to be aware of lice notifications from your child’s school or day camp. Always read reviews of hotels or camps that your family members may use. Lice can survive off of the human head on furniture, bedding, and carpets for up to 48 hours. Nits can survive off of the human head for up to ten days.

Watch Out for Lice

Checking your child’s head weekly can be helpful in preventing an infestation. If a friend or classmate of your child has been infested, make it a point to check your child’s hair every morning before school and every night before bed. Head lice tend to hide on the scalp, behind the ears and the nape of the neck. Nits are typically stuck to the hair shaft and often appear as dandruff. However, the nits will not fall out like dandruff. Keep an eye out for any red or rash-like bumps on the head or neck area of your child. Being vigilant can prevent lice from becoming a big problem.

Teach Your Child About Lice

One of the most effective ways to prevent lice infestation is to teach children about head lice. This can lessen the likelihood of your child contracting lice. For example, children should be taught to not share personal clothing articles such as hats, sweaters and accessories for hair. They should not hang their coats or sweaters in school or day care. The items should be stored in their lockers or cubby holes. Parents can also help their children clean items such as brushes, pillowcases, sleeping bags and hats regularly.

Dealing with head lice is an unavoidable part of childhood. Thankfully, these 3 simple ways to prevent lice can stop most infestations from ever occurring.

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