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Why Choose ClearLice?

With all of the different choices for head lice solutions, why should I choose ClearLice?

ClearLice has helped thousands of families across the world stop lice infestations.  It is backed by solid research and laboratory studies.

  • Get Rid of your Head Lice Infestation Fast… One Day Treatment
  • A Proven Effective Head Lice solution that is 100% Guaranteed to Work!
  • No Messy Oils That Take Days To Wash Out of Your Hair!
  •  A Complete System for your Hair, Bedding, Furniture, and Car.
  • No Side Effects or Health worries. 100% Safe and Natural

Clearlice Hair solution is a Natural Shampoo and Conditioner

What makes ClearLice my best choice?

Clearlice is one of the most successful lice products available because it does what other products can’t.  Lice have developed resistance to medications because their exoskeletons have become so hard, that these other treatments cannot get through to do any harm to the lice or nit.

Clearlice solved this problem by using a proprietary blend of natural botanicals and enzymes to replicate the molting process of lice.  Once the exoskeletons are out of the way, Clearlice can now do its job.

  • Formulated with natural Enzymes and Pure Natural Botanicals that replicates the molting process of lice
  • Melts Nit glue in Minutes!
  • Safe Enough to Use Everyday!
  • Easy combing…  Combing is only used to remove remaining unviable Lice and Nits!
  • Easy application
  • Overnight Shipping available

100% Effective – Backed by a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

Clearlice is Natural, Pesticide-Free and actually leaves your hair feeling softer than before.  This is because we take pride in every ingredient that goes into Clearlice.  We only use the highest-grade shampoo and conditioner ingredients available.  No parabens or sodium laurel sulfates are ever used in any products that go on your head or on your body.

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